Are Yoga Pants Just for Yoga?


Being fashionable is more about how well you wear clothes than what you wear. Often, you will find people making the most out of the few outfits they have by repurposing them. There are socially acceptable clothing for different occasions and situations. Sport shoes and sneakers cannot be won in an office situation unless it is a fun day.

Yoga pants are met with the same type of restrictions. They are viewed as only being appropriate for workout situations. However, considering the comfort level they offer, you will find people wearing them outside of the gym.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yoga pants are comfortable and stretchy, thus, people will put them on in different situations besides working out. When you decide to wear yoga pants in other contexts you will most likely be met with several questions, most of which are based on the following three;

  1. Do you know that yoga pants are not real pants? Well, if someone points this out, they are technically right. Yoga pants are light and might lead to some fashion accidents.
  2. Are you going to yoga or the gym? Due to their well-spread reputation of being workout clothes, the question is valid.
  3. You must be really comfortable? While yoga pants are significantly more comfortable, that is not their only perk. They are also fashionable and trendy.

Tips on How to Wear Yoga Pants Outside the Gym

Several situations are dubbed to warrant the use of yoga pants. These include work situations that need you to be comfortable such as nursing or a task such as a doctor’s appointment where you are required to undress.

You can also wear yoga pants while at home. Pregnant mothers wear them through their gestation period due to the comfortable elastic waistline. However, the following tips look at how you can wear yoga pants outside of these situations while maintaining a sense of style.

  1. Get creative – as much s your yoga pants might be classy, pairing them with other sportswear reiterates the idea of a workout. Look to other pairing options and dare to embrace creativity. The item you combine with the yoga pants will determine how well you pull-off the pants.
  2. The right shoes – the first thing to remember is that yoga pants are viewed as a fashion dial down. Thus, ensure that the shoes you choose are an upgrade. Find something classy and stylish.
  3. Coordination – by wearing something that sort of looks like the pants will help you balance the type of attention your yoga pants get. Therefore, try and colour or print coordinate with your bag or jacket. The item you choose to combine with should be an accessory garment such as flannel shirts.